Kevin Morland, 
Founder of An Hour For Others.

Hi my name is Kevin Morland, I am founder of An Hour For Others.

I'm 47 and was born and raised in Liverpool, I actually went to the same 2 schools as John Lennon, Dovedale and Quarry Bank which I love boring people with. I have 2 sons, Scott and Liam and am a grandad of 2 beautiful little angels Freya and Nulah, I couldn't wish for a better squadron of souls around me including my partner Gill who without AHFO would still have been an idea floating around my head.  Gill has sacrificed so much to help me over the years and even gave up an amazing career in finance to build AHFO, I couldn’t have wished for anyone better to be at my side through the last 8 years, she is an absolute warrior with a heart of gold.
Some of the worst moments of my life became my biggest lessons, Hillsborough had a real impact on me as a 14yr old kid.  We had the luckiest escape that day when my dad moved us away from a crash barrier only 40 minutes before it gave way and resulted in the deaths of 97 men, women and children. From that day I knew life had a bigger meaning and there was a purpose and reason I didn’t die. It was something that stayed with me through life and the moment I had the idea which resulted in AHFO I knew that was it! 
Losing my Mum in 2007 was another huge moment for me, she was my best mate and even the thought of losing her would send me into deep worry and anxiety. To hear the words I‘ve got cancer and there’s nothing they can do for me’ hit me hard and my Mum knew it. It hurt her so much having to say them words and it stood out to me that our loved ones in that situation are more concerned for those they leave behind than of death itself. My Mum fought the cancer for 3 months until she died in June 2007.  A moment that had stuck out for me was one day when my Mum looked really worried, she had always put a brave face on in front of us but this day she just couldn’t.  I asked why she was worried and she said she was really scared at how I would be when she died, she thought I would go off the rails and take a downward spiral. I looked her in the eyes and promised I would make her proud every single day and be the best I could be in life. I knew the minute I said it I was going really give life everything I could and make it better for other people too. 

Here I am in 2022 and looking back over the years I know I have had a positive impact in this world and on many, many lives. I am determined and passionate to keep on helping and inspiring people. I know that all people are special and have so much potential no matter what their circumstances. I have recently qualified as a life/performance coach and also love mentoring, this is something I have integrated into AHFO so we don’t only provide support for families but we work with them to empower a belief and vision in helping them reach their full potential and themselves create a better community. 

Together we are strong and together we can change our world to create futures where our children will thrive. Believe. 

Gillian Watkins,
Finance Manager & Charity Secretary.

My name is Gill and I am the partner of Kevin, the founder of AHFO. I met Kevin in 2014 and was blown away by how passionately he spoke about his vision for An Hour for Others and improving our communities. It was from that moment that Kev and I gave our lives to making the charity what it is today, along with the fantastic team we have behind us. It has been so heart warming to see how many people support our mission which is to "build better communities and inspire positive change'. An Hour for Others is the platform that people needed to be able to make a difference and to help others and to see this happening every day is the best feeling in the world and something that money cannot buy. 

A little bit about me...going through really hard times when leaving school and then becoming pregnant at 18 years old, my young adult life never started easy. I was a victim of domestic violence and I was also in a serious car accident which nearly cost me my life. But, thanks to the love I had for my little girl and the support I had from my family, I went back to college at 21. I was determined to be the best role model to my daughter, and I'm proud to say she is now 24 and thriving in every walk of her life. 

I studied for years, working full time as I did, and eventually I qualified as an accountant, landing a job as a management accountant for an American-based company shortly after. It wasn’t easy, but with hard work and determination I did it and I realised if I could do it, anyone could do it!  This is when I met Kevin and heard his vision. I got it straight away and I couldn't wait to share my experience with young mums, encouraging them to never to give up and to always reach their full potential. 

In August 2014, eight months after meeting Kevin, I took voluntary redundancy from the job I loved. I also told Kevin to leave his job and that I would finance him so that we could get his idea off the ground. I'm not going to lie, piecing Kevin's jigsaw together over the last few years, has been the most challenging in my life but it's also been the most rewarding too. When people say they could write a book, we really could. That book is only just beginning and I'm looking forward to seeing how far we can go on our journey towards making our little world a happier one.

As our moto says "Together we are strong". 

Suzie Cain,
Operations Co-ordinator & Family Liaison Officer.

My name is Suzie Cain I have been part of the An Hour For Others Team since Oct 2016. I had followed AHFO for a while and what was being achieved amazed me. I had a message one day from a friend I had known most of my life she asked would I have any spare time to help out with some Administration as things were going from strength to strength and getting bigger and bigger. I started as a volunteer and I'm still here years later!

My job is Operations Coordinator and Family Liaison Officer. No two days are the same here it amazes me. I still think this is more than a job its been a gift from day one to be able to make a difference and positive change to people and their lives that is special beyond words.

I echo every belief of AHFO and always have even before I was honoured to be part of the team. AHFO is about making positive changes and building better communities for us all. Being there for people in their darkest times and and making thriving Communities is our main focus and goals; whatever it takes.

It's everyone’s responsibility and that is why we are here. We are doing our part to make the world a better place. 

Kelsea Conway,
Fundraising Co-ordinator & Operation Assistant.

Hi, my name is Kelsea. When I was asked to join the team it was an easy YES because for me AHFO is everything that's good in our city. People coming together to support and empower each other!

I also work full time in a local primary school and I see day to day the impact our charity is having. Seeing the kids getting involved and wanting to help others is the best feeling. 

I love organising the fundraising events and seeing them grow each year. I love getting people involved and pushing them to try new things and seeing that sense of pride and achievement in themselves makes it even better. 

AHFO is a family; a community. 

Lyndsay Watkins

Operations Assistant & Finance Assistant., 

Hello I am Lyndsay, I am a mum of 2 boys Kris  23 and wade 15 my boys are my everything from when they were born I lived my life for them but it has worked out well Kris is a professional footballer and wade Is  doing excellent at school also a great footballer.

I am the accounts assistant and operation admin assistant at an hour for others. I also help out with the kids groups l and Christmas time. I have worked for an hour for others for 4 years now it seems like yesterday I come on board because it’s an enjoyable job to do I love to see other people smile and here at an hour for others you see a lot of that. The family’s the children especially are now a big part of my heart and I will bring my very best to the charity for as long has they need me xxx as we say TOGETHERWEARSTRONG XXX

John Paul Ainscough (Toddy)

Community Liaise, Fundraising Co-ordinator, Operations Assistant

Hello, my name is John Paul Ainscough. I have known Kevin (the founder of AHFO) for many years & through an amazing chain of synchronistic events I'm now part of the An Hour For Others team.

I've been involved in many fundraising & charitable community events over the last 8 years. I began helping AHFO in the first few weeks of it being formed and have always been a supporter and helped when I can. Life wasn't always this positive for me. I lost my father aged 12 and from that devastating day my life completely spiralled out of control. Over a 20 year period I battled through severe mental health problems & walked away from a life of crime. I spent two decades not being the very best version of myself, but I can now say that through all the pain, suffering and unhappiness I've completely transformed my life to become an amazing role model to my two beautiful children. Like a diamond is formed under great stress & pressure, this is my time to shine with this amazing team and keep bringing my best version forward to inspire others.

We're gonna change the world - TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!!!

An Hour for Others is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1180688 City Centre Office - 615b Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Liverpool L3 9LQ Community Hub - 657-659 West Derby Rd, Liverpool L13 8AG (Near to Tuebrook roundabout) Tel - 0151 245 8282
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