Together We Are Strong.

Life is precious, life is a gift we should all be grateful for. Life is also complexed and has many challenges and hardships along the different paths we take. Anyone of us can have our lives turned upside down in an instant and many people where we live are extremely vulnerable. An Hour For Others is passionately committed to ensuring it can inspire people and communities to stand together to build, live and promote a much better, caring, healthier, happier, full filled life for all of us where we all actively have a role.  Together we are strong and together as one we can, and we will ensure and inspire positive change through the power of unity.

Since we began in 2014 we have been working with individuals, schools, organisations, businesses families and communities to tackle and resolve many of the deep rooted issues that are causing much hardship, heartache, difficulty and anxiety for our most vulnerable and forgotten members of society and those who's lives are hit by trauma and heartache. We recognise and believe that every single one of us has the right to lead a truly fulfilled, happy and healthy life. We understand that this isn't always as easy . Through our team of committed volunteers, donors, trade partners and community outreach teams, we want to bring back the concept of true and real community, working together to empower and inspire some of the most vulnerable people and families in society that there are options, there is faith and belief and that they too can enjoy and lead much better lives and not just simply exist within a constant struggle. We have also been of huge support to those who's lives are turned upside down and showed the power of unity. We are all connected in so many ways and each one of us doing our bit for each other can transform our world.

An Hour for Others is registered in England and Wales under charity number 1180688 at 615b Cotton Exchange, Bixteth Street, Liverpool L3 9LQ
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