Every Tuesday from 20th June 2023 we will be holding a weekly Chess club at our Tuebrook Hub. The group will be run by Mal Hanlon who is an absolute expert in the game and will take novices and beginners to a really high level through this programme.

The group is for adults and children over the age of 11. Spaces are limited so you must book on to secure the spot.

The benefits to our health & well being and personal development through chess are vast, some of these are listed below.

Develops perspective: Chess is a game that requires you to think ahead and consider the consequences of your moves. This can help you develop a better perspective on life.

 Improves memory: Studies have shown that playing chess can improve your memory and help you process information more efficiently 

Deepens focus: Chess requires concentration and focus, which can help you develop these skills in other areas of your life. 

Elevates creativity: Chess is a game that requires creativity and imagination. Playing chess can help you develop these skills. 

Boosts planning skills: Chess requires you to plan ahead and consider multiple possibilities. This can help you develop better planning skills in other areas of your life.

Increases self-awareness: Chess can help you become more aware of your own thought processes and decision-making strategies. 

Protects against dementia: Studies have shown that playing chess can help protect against dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Book tickets

You cannot book tickets for past events.

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